Heroes Saga – New hero mobile game teased for Southeast Asia

[Facebook page] I happened to chance upon this new mobile game, Heroes Saga, while browsing through the internet. A card game with real-time strategy gameplay and RPG elements, it will be launching in Southeast Asia soon. Players are to form a hero team to prevent the spread of a deadly virus which is threatening humanity. There will be apparently hundreds of heroes at launch.


According to the press release, publisher EAGAMEBOX is promising regular game content updates and new heroes. Other selling points of the game include “ultra-clear pixel graphics”, “aggressive game play music”, hero transformation system, PVP, cross-server features and various social functions.

Heroes Saga image 1

Also, each hero has his or her unique abilities, and it is up to players to strategically form a team which will overcome different situations and play to their strengths. Stay tuned for more news and updates over at the official Facebook page for the launch schedule in Southeast Asia, arriving soon!

Heroes Saga image 2