Dragonica Mobile – Asiasoft to launch new mobile game on LINE first

Asiasoft recently announced a partnership with LINE Corporation to launch its new game, Dragonica Mobile, exclusively first on the LINE platform. The game will then launch on iTunes and Google Play in May 2015, and will be available in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Philippines. Dragonica Mobile is based on the popular online game, Dragonica, or Dragon Saga.

Dragonica Mobile press conference in Thailand

Dragonica Mobile is an action role-playing game developed by South Korean studio, Funigloo. There are six playable classes, namely the Warrior, Knight, Magician, and Archer. Similar to the PC version, Dragonica Mobile will feature daily missions, quests, real time PVP, character outfits and many more. Just to note, the original Korean server, DragonSaga Prelude, will be shutting down next week.

DragonSaga Prelude image