Monkey King Escape – Ubisoft launches endless runner mobile game

Ubisoft has announced the official launch of Monkey King Escape, a brand new mobile game inspired by the famous Chinese legend of the Monkey King. Developed by a team of twenty developers at Ubisoft Chengdu, the game has already been downloaded 2 million times in China. A Free-to-Play ‘endless running’ game, Monkey King Escape is now available on iOS and Android platforms.


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Monkey King Escape’s unique setting and visual atmosphere, reflecting the traditional art of the fable, will plunge players in the world of the Monkey King. The team worked meticulously to create a universe and story that remain faithful to the legend, adding supporting characters with special powers to enhance the overall game play experience.


Innovative features such as QTE (quick time events) when fighting bosses in rapid combat scenes were added during development, and a system whereby the hero can change into an animal and use its special powers to increase their skills. For example, rabbits are the symbol of prosperity in Chinese culture – changing into a rabbit in-game allows players to multiply their earnings.

Monkey King Escape screenshot 1 Monkey King Escape screenshot 2