Luna: Moonlight Bandits – Dungeon gameplay video from Closed Beta

Although Webzen is publishing Luna: Moonlight Bandits in South Korea, it seems the game is not getting much attention as Eyasoft is no longer working on the game, with BH Games now the main developer. The classic pet and mount systems will be there, along with a new “Luna” mode which is somewhat like TERA’s “action combat” (players can stick to classic tap target mode).


At the start, players are given a choice of 13 weapons to choose from, hence I believe the extensive class system found in Luna Online is no longer there. Webzen so far has given little information about the game, and has let even lesser players into the first test phase. More details to be posted once Open Beta gets closer and Webzen opens up about Luna: Moonlight Bandits.

Luna Moonlight Bandits screenshot 1 Luna Moonlight Bandits screenshot 2