Firefall – Developer greets China players with ridiculous video

Firefall China was in limbo for several years, and plans to launch the game in Southeast Asia and South Korea has came to naught. After events of last year (see below), Firefall China is ready to launch, and it was hinted something big will be announced for, or on, 30th March. Developer Red 5 Studios made a ridiculous video for the China community, with Chinese New Year arriving later this month.


A summary: Last year, Red 5 Studios’ parent company, China-based The9, sold Red 5 shares “worth” around USD 24 million to another China company, Oriental Pearl. Firefall was actually valued at USD 100 million, which is pretty absurd. The9 will be launching Firefall China through a new company call System Link, which was created with new publishing partner, Qihoo 360.

Firefall wallpaper