Firefall – The9 CEO is giving out 1.5 mil USD to players in China server

While we recently heard about Red 5 Studios having difficulty paying its employees (apparently now paid), its parent company The9 is throwing a big party under the leadership of multi-millionaire Zhu Jun to celebrate the start of Firefall China. Now in its restricted access, no data wipe phase, Zhun Jun (in the video) claims he is giving out 10 million RMB worth of “red packets” to players.


I can’t tell how these “red packets” are given out, but in-game credits/ cash currency is the obvious way. But then again, game companies in China have been known to do some crazy stunts, hence real cash is not out of the picture here. Flanked by a random female host, Zhu Jun also confirmed 100 million USD has been invested in the game. Will Firefall succeed in China? I highly doubt so.

Firefall 100 million USD