Chain Chronicle – Update brings HD Retina option and new content

Developer SEGA Networks and global publisher gumi have announced the February updates for Chain Chronicle, with the highlights including a new HD Retina display option, as well as story and gameplay content updates. The new features are already live on the global version of Chain Chronicle, and this comes less than a month after the last major update at end January. Awesome!


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The HD Retina is mainly for users of tablets such as the iPad, which will now give Chain Chronicle a more crystal clear and detailed look. The update also modifies Chain Chronicle to be fitted to the iPad’s aspect ratio of 4:3. New Chain Story quests will introduce players to new weapons, and also the chance to recruit a new 5-star soldier, the fiery Flame Swordswoman Sonya.

Chain Chronicle - Flame Swordswoman Sonya

The latest chapter, Chapter Nine, continues the tale of the volunteer army and their quest to defeat the Black Army. As representatives from all over Yggdra gather for a Round-Table Conference to discuss war plans, heroine Phoena makes a shocking revelation about the leader, the Black King.

Chain Chronicle - Chapter 9 combat 1

Meanwhile, the Sage of the Sword Melchior plans to enlist the help of the volunteer army to find items for a special “trump card” that will aid them in their inevitable showdown against the Black Army. Once again, Chain Chronicle is now available globally on both iOS and Android platforms!

Chain Chronicle - Chapter 9 combat 2