Guild Wars 2 – Heart of Thorns announced as first game expansion

[Game website] First teased a couple of weeks ago, ArenaNet just announced Heart of Thorns, the first expansion for Guild Wars 2. Heart of Thorns will see a new profession in the Revenant. One of the main characters in the storyline, Rytlock Brimstone, is back from the mists as the first Revenant (below). Revenants will channel legendary powers from the mists to defeat foes.

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns - Rytlock Brimstone

The expansion will also see a brand new huge area known as Maguuma Jungle While there is no new level cap like what most games do for expansions, endgame progression will now include mastering abilities like hang gliding in the jungle, tearing the bark off of heavily armored Mordrem, or building new collections that earn precursors to a legendary weapon.


Other new features include a Guild Hall (like finally), new PvP mode “Stronghold”, and a new World vs World map, Borderland. All these PvP maps will see new mechanics, the need for new strategies and tactics to win. There is currently no release date nor pricing for Heart of Thorns, but it is already looking pretty epic. Stay tuned to the Guild Wars 2 website for more news!