NCsoft – Guild Wars 2 on mobile mentioned during financial call

NCsoft recently published its financial results for the 2nd quarter of 2019 (from April to June), and once again the South Korean developer and publisher was saved by Lineage. Currently at 21 years old, the recent Remastered update and Free-to-Play conversion proved to be a boon as sales went up by a hefty 142%! While NCsoft has also seen growth from its mobile sales, Lineage without a doubt saved the company’s quarter once again.

Another intriguing piece of news came from the conference call with investors, and one question on Guild Wars 2. With many other popular IP getting a mobile version, it was put forward to NCsoft on the plans for Guild Wars 2 on mobile. NCsoft said that ArenaNet is conducting internal reviews on several projects, including mobile. Prototyping on new mobile games is also ongoing. For now, ArenaNet is not ready to launch any mobile titles. NCsoft also said it has noticed the trend of PC games being cross-platform with consoles these days, and is set to launch Lineage 2M in Korea later this year during the 4th quarter.