Genshin Impact – PlayStation 4 version announced for mobile anime action RPG

Ever since Genshin Impact’s reveal, questions have been constantly raised by fans worldwide about the availability of this open world action title on console platforms. During the PlayStation Online Showcase at ChinaJoy 2019, miHoYo alongside Sony Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) Limited (SIESH) made the announcement that Genshin Impact will be released on PlayStation. Genshin Impact is an open world action game set in the fantasy world of “Teyvat”, offering players a freely explorable world, multiple playable characters, an in-depth elemental combo-based combat system and an engaging story.

As a mysterious figure called “The Traveler”, players will embark on a journey of exploring the world filled with secrets, encountering distinct characters, defeating new adversaries and ultimately reuniting with their lost kin. The game has completed its first Closed Beta Test on iOS and PC to great success and is planning to have new beta test phases in the future. The joint announcement marks the first time that a miHoYo game will be available on a console. The release of Genshin Impact on the PlayStation platform signifies miHoYo expanding into new territory, tackling new challenges, and welcoming new communities.

“This first collaboration between miHoYo and PlayStation will not only make it possible for us to introduce Genshin Impact to the console player community, but also attract players from other game platforms to PlayStation,” said Wei Liu, co-founder of miHoYo, during the PlayStation Online Showcase at ChinaJoy. “We are currently optimizing our game’s performance on PlayStation to ensure a smooth and wonderful gaming experience, and there will be some exclusive content to enrich the gameplay. In short, we wholeheartedly look forward to this collaboration with PlayStation, and hope to hear any suggestions and feedback from PlayStation players, so as to make Genshin Impact a better game.”

Genshin Impact is currently under development by miHoYo for iOS, Android, PC and PlayStation platforms. The highly-anticipated mobile game is estimated to be released in 2020. For more information and updates, please visit Genshin Impact’s official website at:, or follow @GenshinImpact on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.