NCsoft – New President announced for global and western ambitions

Yoon Song-yee, a former Vice President at NCsoft, was recently announced as NCsoft’s new President. She will take responsibility for mapping out the firm’s globalization strategy and management of NC West Holdings, an affiliate in the United States.

Yoon is also the wife of NCsoft founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Kim Taek-jin. She was known as a science prodigy, graduating from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, where she apparently met her husband. The Blade & Soul deal with Tencent (China) was also led by her.

She eventually earned a doctorate degree in artificial intelligence from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Given Yoon’s  immense genius, a Korean drama named “Kaist” was made with her as the inspiration. Prior to joining NCsoft, she was the youngest-ever senior management at SK Telecom.

NCsoft - Yoon Song-yee and Kim Taek-jin