Crusaders Quest – New heroes revealed with 5 million downloads

NHN Entertainment, a leading mobile game developer and publisher from Korea, continues its glorious global mobile games debut (under TOAST branding) by recently announcing Crusaders Quest hitting 5 million downloads and becoming the #1 RPG in Google Play in Singapore.


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Mandy – Spending her life idolizing the Super Heroes of Hasla Association, Mandy knew she would build a name for herself as a brave warrior of justice. Equipped with dual guns of Shooting Flame, this sleek sharpshooter can gun down any foe.

Sworden – After his father abandoned his family, B. Sworden swore revenge. Driven forward by his Spirit Sword. This rage-filled warrior seeks out evil and corruption wherever he can.

Mundeok – Champion of the ancient country of Han, this single bold knight uses Hero’s Charge to power through hordes of enemies.

Crusaders Quest -  6 new heroes

Arona – A shy and beautiful woman, Arona fell in love with the wizard Mondrian. Now she gathers support to root out corruption in kingdoms across the land with her Chain-3 Call the Guards! ability.

Mondrian – Like all powerful wizards, the endless depths of power became too much for Mondrian. For years, he was a slave to the bottle before meeting Arona and finding true love. Now he works with his allies to create an army of Shadow Clones to quickly rip roaming monsters to shreds!

Chai – Spending most of her life caring for her elderly grandfather, she now fights evil with Fine Cuisine! Throwing her rare Red Paw Chef Recipe at her enemies, she burns her foes while healing her companions with her delightful delicacies.

Crusaders Quests - 5 million downloads