World of Tanks – Embrace 2015 with new 8-Bit Winter Showdown mode

[Register now] Wargaming today announced Winter Showdown, a new 8-Bit mode which will offer exclusive in-game content including three custom-built vehicles, new map and platooning setups. Available exclusively in Winter Showdown mode will be mega platoons, featuring 5 players.


For those in North America, Europe, and Asia, the start date is January 26th, 2015. For those in the Korean Republic, the start date is January 15th, 2015. Just in case players are wondering, this is definitely not an April Fools’ joke, given that April is really still some time away 🙂

World of Tanks - Winter Showdown screenshot 1

Winter Showdown will offer several game setups: 2 mega platoons vs. 2 mega platoons or 10 vs. 10 in random. To complement Winter Showdown mode, Wargaming have designed three exclusive tanks: the Mammoth heavy tank, the Polar Bear Tank Destroyer, and the Arctic Fox light tank.

World of Tanks - Winter Showdown screenshot 2

Each of these three tanks has a clearly designed role on the battlefield: the Mammoth is a close-quarters tank; the Polar Bear is a long-range, sniper vehicle; the Arctic Fox is quick, scouting tank. To complement these vehicles, there are special Gold rounds that can be used to heal teammates.

World of Tanks - Winter Showdown screenshot 3

Also designed for Winter Showdown mode is an original battle arena, and a new medal, Operation Winter, that will be given to players that perform exceptionally well in this mode. The Winter Showdown mode has multiple start dates depending on a player’s region.

World of Tanks - Winter Showdown poster