Bravely Archive: D’s report – First mobile game for Bravely series

Square Enix has revealed the first mobile game for the “Bravely” series, known as Bravely Archive: D’s report. The free-to-play game is scheduled to launch on both iOS and Android platforms in January 2015, with Japan the only confirmed region. Like most mobile RPGs these days, combat is turn-based, and players can summon characters from past Bravely games and form their teams.

Bravely Archive - 4 witches

Seen above are the 4 witches from the web game, Bravely Default: Praying Brage, which will be part of the collectable characters. It was mentioned that D’s report takes place 100 years after the Bravely series, with other parallel worlds coming into play as well. As mentioned, combat is fairly straightforward, though there are new air-to-ground combos which deal much more damage.

Bravely Archive images

Finally, the signature classes from the Bravely series will be in the mobile game. Seen below are just part of the available classes, though it is not mentioned if there are hidden ones. There will be new and original classes unique to D’s report, so players can look forward to even more team choices. I will putting the download links up once the game launches, so stay tuned!

Bravely Archive - Classes


  1. No love for NA! Too bad, I never got to try Bravely Default as I don’t have a Nintendo DS (would rather get a PS Vita since it has more JRPGs on that aren’t just in sprite form).

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