Sword Art Online: Code Register – Android version is now live in Japan

A couple of months after being announced, Bandai Namco stealthily released the Android version of Sword Art Online: Code Register on the Google Play platform. I guess the developer is waiting for the iOS version to get through Apple’s strict inspections before making a grand announcement.


Googly Play
Googly Play


In Sword Art Online: Code Register, players will get to meet characters from all three anime series (Sword Art Online, Alfheim Online, Gun Gale Online) and get to recruit them, and of course, travel through the different lands. Even the starting characters are inspired by the three worlds.


Choosing the right character elements and the order of who to attack first will draw out various combo attacks, hence it is not just blindly selecting any character. There are various gear upgrade options as well, just like a normal MMORPG. I will be making another post once the iOS version is ready.

Sword Art Online Code Register - Image 1 Sword Art Online Code Register - Image 2