Yulgang 2 – New Timeshift package lets new characters jump to level 60

[Game website] Experience intense battles, exciting dungeons and massive PVP as a MAX level character! Instantly turn your newly created character into Level 60 with a matching Ultimate Grade Timeshift Set! Go to where the action is and join in the fun! This event ends on 10th September 2014.

Yulgang 2 - Timeshift package

Timeshift Package includes:

– Shangrila Soup (consume to become level 60)
– Master of Murimmaeng Gift Box (All Types of Premium Pills for 1 Hour. 15 pcs each)
– The Character Class 3rd Skill Book
– Level 60 Ultimate Grade Timeshift Set (Armor + Weapon)

How to obtain:

1. Newly created character after patch 118.
2. Level 10 (Skip Tutorial to instantly becomes level 10)
3. Simply take the quest “Legend of Timeshift” from Baekyonbi (Chaos) and Juyeon (Order) from your respective starting camp.
4. Talk to her and you will receive the Timeshift package.

Yulgang 2 - Timeshift costumes