Chaos Heroes Online – Interview with publisher Aeria Games on new MOBA

[Game website] If you did not know, Aeria Games is preparing a new game, Chaos Heroes Online, for the Western market. A competitive MOBA title developed in South Korea by Neoact, some questions asked were too early for an answer since it is still early (hence skipped), but do read on for more info!


Q: Hi there! Can you please introduce yourself to the readers, and what is your role for Chaos Heroes Online?

A: Hello there! I’m Myzzrym, a hardcore MOBA fan working in the Game Team.

Q: Aeria Games did have a MOBA game before, which apparently wasn’t successful. Why the decision to publish Chaos Heroes Online, another MOBA title?

A: Chaos Heroes Online is a MOBA with a lot of history behind it. It is the evolution of DotA:Chaos warcraft 3 map, the Korean cousin of the well-known DotA:Allstars (which became Dota 2). While very popular in Korea, only very few American and European MOBA fans know about Chaos.

Already out for more than two years and with a healthy eSports scene in Korea, we wanted to help spread Chaos Heroes Online outside its Asian boundaries.

To quote our developers from the NeoAct studio: “We are very glad to be able to bring Chaos Heroes Online to the Western players.

We think that Western players have a more creative and open outlook on games and we believe that the launch on the Western market will be an important milestone for the game to reach the next level”.

Q: Comparisons are bound to be made with the genre’s standard bearers, League of Legends and Dota 2. How would you convince players loyal to those games to give Chaos Heroes Online a shot?

A: We are well aware that Chaos Heroes Online is not the first MOBA to hit the market, and big titles like Dota 2 and League of Legends are huge. That being said, we believe that the fast-paced, action-packed gameplay backed up by a full Korean balance team will bring a new approach to the MOBA genre.

True to its roots, Chaos Heroes Online is also built with competition and streaming in mind, including an in-game VOIP system and built-in Twitch broadcast feature. Streamers will notably be able to read their stream chat directly in-game to better interact with their viewers without needing a second screen.

Q: Kindly explain the various game modes found in Chaos Heroes Online and the game’s unique points.

A: Gladly! As with most MOBAs Chaos Heroes Online have a main 5v5 competitive map. As stated before, it strives to offer faster and more action-oriented gameplay than its competitors by putting a heavy emphasis on consumables and granting the ability to buy items anywhere on the map, thus encouraging players to stay on the battlefield rather than to constantly travel back and forth to their base.

The map layout also reflects that with Teleport Waygates allowing fast travel between the bottom and top lane, and the ability to cut down trees to create your own gank / escape routes.

Chaos Heroes Online also has a Deathmatch map for those who desire to brawl in a small arena patrolled by a massive guardian.

Q: How will the items sold in the cash shop affect the game? What are some of the items which will be sold?

A: Similar to the League of Legends system, players will be able to buy heroes, skins, icons and account services such as changing name or renaming your clan. Any item which directly affects the stats of your in-game character will be available with in-game currency.

Q: I noticed that Aeria Games is looking to fill positions related to e-Sports. How serious is the company in competitive events? Are there any early plans now?

A: eSports is definitely a big focus for us at the moment, but we can’t tell you much more as of now. Let’s just say that Chaos Heroes Online already has a seasonal tournament system in Korea, so the game is well-tailored for competition!

Q: When can players expect the game to launch?

A: Early Autumn 2014! Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement!

Thank you for the answers!