Asker: The Light Swallowers – New action game to enter CBT next month

Once known as Project Black Sheep, developer and publisher Neowiz announced that Asker: The Light Swallowers will be entering Closed Beta 1 on 7th October. Closed Beta 2 and Open Beta is scheduled for early 2015. For now, only the China server (under ChangYou) has been confirmed.


Asker is somewhat similar to Mabinogi Heroes (or Vindictus), with players entering instanced maps from a main village. For Closed Beta 1, there will be 15 of such instances, and they will be randomized each time to prevent the game from getting repetitive. Neowiz did mentioned about the village becoming a war zone during certain times. Will it be a fight against giant boss monsters?


There are 3 classes revealed thus far, Gladiator, Assassin and Battle Mage. Without me explaining, I guess most gamers would know their play styles. A main feature of Asker is the “95% destructible environment” feature enabled by the Havok engine, but I am not really sure how it will spice up battles.