Puzzle Run – New puzzle runner game launches globally on Android

Mobile game publisher NHN Entertainment announced the release of its latest title, Puzzle Run: Silly Champions, available now on Google Play. Puzzle Run: Silly Champions is a unique puzzle runner game that’s fun and challenging for all types of players.


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Puzzle Run blends the familiar game play of relay racing with a quirky puzzle mechanic. Pick an animal friend and start running as you swap out your animals to break through row after row of bubbles. Its linear, track-like levels have the player racing across up to 6 lanes, dodging same colour characters to earn points and pull off huge combos.


New characters can be purchased from the in-game shop with the ability to upgrade their skills. Players can show their competitive side via ranking boards against friends as well as around the world. The game supports in-game social features such as Google Play Games and Facebook.

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When players want to gain the edge on competition, they can use their earnings in the Lucky Draw mini-game at a chance to earn power-ups.Grab your champions and challenge yourself in this unique game right now! iOS version will be available shortly.

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On the planet Qoolly, silly animals set out on a fast-paced relay race! Happy, Pullie, Tiki, Sammie and Dodo must work together as they run through wave after wave of bubbles to free their friends.

Main Features:

• Characters: Each animal has its own unique skill including flying, sprinting, freezing time and increasing your combo to help boost your score! There are numerous character options available for players to customize their very own team of Champions.

• Costumes: Different costumes offer different abilities. Players can dress their animals to improve their running results.

• Combo & Fever: Score 20 combos and Fever mode will be activated earning you more coins and higher score!

• Game Mode: There are two game modes: Pro and Easy mode for all ages to enjoy!

• Social Features: Players can show off their awesome running skills as they earn top scores and compete with friends in the Weekly Ranking.

• Lucky Draw: Win special prizes like costumes and boosters for more fun!

• Missions & Achievement: Take part in daily challenging missions and unlock trophies by completing various achievements.

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