Age of Wushu – 2 brand new playable clans arriving in China server today

2 of the 8 new clans will be arriving in the China server of Age of Wushu later today, with the Ancient Tomb Sect and Blood Saber Sect making their appearances. Each of these new clans (or schools) are tied to the original, which can be seen in the requirements needed to join. Read on for more info!

Age of Wushu - Ancient Tomb Sect and Blood Blade Clan

Ancient Tomb Sect will have a very unique tag system, where 2 players from the sect who are added as friends can trigger special air dash skills. These 2 players must be within 3m of each other. There are 4 different effects, including carrying your mate while air dashing… I am not sure if it works on 2 guys…

Age of Wushu - Ancient Tomb Sect tag skills

There are 3 ways to enter the Ancient Tomb Sect, with players from Wudang Sect getting exclusive access via a quest from the Wudang leader, followed by an entry test at the Ancient Tomb Sect. Other players must wait for rumours of recruitment, or chance upon a miracle encounter.


Similarly, there are 3 ways to enter Blood Saber Sect, which is affiliated to Royal Guards. Players under the Blood Saber Sect will be carrying a coffin around, which is used to keep the blood of fallen enemies.  Within the coffin, the player’s saber is being nourished by the blood. Terrible sect.