Continent of the Ninth Seal – Free package giveaway for action game

[Game website] As summer near its end, Webzen has prepared a special event for all users, which is called the Free Level 50 Character Giveaway for the dungeon-based MMORPG, Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9). To help players out, MMO Culture is giving out support packages worth USD 10.00 each.

[keys id=23853]

Giveaway Period

August 5 – August 12, 2014 (UTC)

Package benefits

Each code can be redeemed for C9 Supporting Package ($10 worth) including

– PC Café Premium Service – Extra EXP/Stamina/Dungeon clear reward
– Extreme Training x5 (1 hour) – Extra EXP
– Skill Reset Scroll (14 days) – Can reset Skill
– School Gear Set (7 days) – Costume
– Resurrection scroll x5 – Can revive on Dungeon
– Soul : Prelude of Storm (7 days) – Gives extra status

How to redeem your package key:

1) Visit to download the game client and install Continent of the Ninth Seal. If you are new to Webzen, please create an account.
2) Choose a server.
3) Create a new character.
4) Visit and enter the item key. Click “redeem” and begin your adventure!

* Please skip steps 1-3 if you are already a C9 player.
* Please note that only one code will be available per one account.