Guild Wars 2 – Publisher steps up as China server facing account hacks

Preparing for the official Open Beta launch tomorrow (China time), it comes at a bad time for publisher KongZhong as Guild Wars 2 China is currently facing an account hack crisis. KongZhong has acknowledged the issue, and promised a 100% retrieval rate for hacked accounts.

Guild Wars 2 China account retrieval promise

A new account retrieval system will be introduced on 25th May 2014, where hacked players who got back their accounts can use it to recover account-bind items (hackers tend to sell bind items), and also send in applications for other lost items. For now, it seems everything is done manually.

KongZhong has waved off rumours about the hackers getting account information through the Black Lion Trading Company or other in-game functions, putting the blame on phishing sites, trojan horses, sharing of account details, and also syndicates using software to scan players’ computer.

Guild Wars 2 China Black Lion Trading Company

In other news, KongZhong’s mysterious and enigmatic CEO, Mr Leilei Wang (below), accepted a rare media interview talking about Guild Wars 2. He mentioned that the retention rate for Guild Wars 2, 1 week after the head start phase on 1st May 2014, is at 70%.

KongZhong CEO