Call of Duty Online – Development shifts from China to North America

Formerly developed by Activision Shanghai, it was announced recently that development for Call of Duty Online has been shifted to Raven Software. It is quite a weird move after knowing the news, since Call of Duty Online is exclusively targeted at the China market now.


Raven Software is a subsidiary under Activision, having developed the DLCs and user interface for some of the new Call of Duty games. Raven Software does not have an office in China, so it is really intriguing to see if Call of Duty Online is being prepared for the English market.


The next beta phase for Call of Duty Online is slated this June in China, where publisher Tencent Games is doing some serious groundwork preparing the game for entry into its booming eSports platform. I wonder what new product will Activision Shanghai be working on now…

Activision Shanghai office