Dungeon Striker – Publisher Hangame announces game closure

Less than a year after the Korean server began its Open Beta service, Dungeon Striker will be closing on 20th March 2014, with the cash shop closing on 14th February 2014. The reason given was the game updates since Open Beta started were satisfactory and not meeting standards.

Dungeon Striker - Hangame server closure announcement

Developer Eyedentity Games revealed that Dungeon Striker’s closure will not be permanent, as the studio plans to re-introduce the game with a new look and publisher. I am guessing the publisher will be Actozsoft, the Korean game portal of China bigwig Shanda, which owns Eyedentity Games.


Is this a business ploy from Shanda to get the publishing rights of Dungeon Striker back, since the contract with Hangame was signed before the takeover? Well, it is just a rumour, but one can still remember how Nexon Korea had to give up Dragon Nest back some years ago… Shanda will be publishing Dungeon Striker in China later this year.

Dungeon Striker - China server image

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