Lineage II: Epic Tale of Aden – New trailers for upcoming Ertheia race

Revealed last month, new trailers were just revealed for Lineage II’s new race, Ertheia. The game storyline for Lineage II known as “Goddess of Destruction” is also ending, with the next chapter being “Epic Tale of Aden”. The update will take place next year as part of the 10th anniversary event.


Players may choose between 2 class choices, Fighter or Wizard, each with 3  more class advancements. Also known as the “Wind Elves”, they were born when the gods breathed souls into the wind. Full of curiosity, the Ertheia race are master alchemists as well.


As seen in the first trailer, it seems that the island where the Ertheia race lives on descended from the skies, subjected to heavy attacks upon landing on the sea. The storyline’s protagonists apparently arrived in time to save the few remaining survivors. What exactly happened?

Lineage 2 - Ertheia