Lineage 2 Essence – New accelerated server for classic PC MMORPG launches in Europe

[Play free now] European games publisher 4game recently announced the launch of Lineage 2 Essence, a new version of the classic PC MMORPG with new convenience features added. If you did not know, 4game has been the publisher of games such as RF Online, Lineage 2, and Ragnarok Online in Europe for some time now. Lineage 2 Essence is focused on aiding players to level up faster than normal servers, allowing them to reach features such as PVP and raids faster. A good experience if you have never played Lineage 2 before!

Key focuses for developer NCsoft for Lineage 2 Essence:

● Accelerated leveling and auto-hunting function;

● Independence from other players;

● No need for players to have multiple accounts;

● 90 levels, 6 races and 34 classes;

● Massive sieges for the whole server;

● Daily Olympiad and Weekly Hero Status;

● Raid Bosses in an open world which are designed for a party or clan as well as for solo players;

● Levels of some Raid Bosses have been increased.