Korean Gaming – Politician unhappy with China companies operating from abroad

If you did not already know, the South Korean government is very protective of its gaming industry for both imports and exports. So much so, a games exhibition was held last week to get politicians to try out games and talk to the developers. Recently, Mr Lee Dong-sup (below) from the National Council for Culture, Sports and Tourism brought up an issue which is currently plaguing the industry. According to the Korea Creative Content Agency, 76% of complaints in 2018 were games-related, and many were due to these China games companies not having a South Korean subsidiary to communicate with local consumers.

You see, through platforms like Google Play and App Store, there isn’t really a need for companies to setup offices in every country for customer service or business. Moreover, as South Korea is a gaming mecca and these Chinese mobile games are rushing up the top apps charts, it poses a long-term threat to local studios. This topic (or issue) will be further discussed at an upcoming parliamentary meeting. Mr Lee Dong-sup is also an advocate pushing for more budget from the government to build new esports stadiums countrywide.