Hero of the Obelisk – Dungeon Hero arrives for the English market

[Register now] Known in Korea as Dungeon Hero and developed by Eyasoft of Luna Online and Legend of Edda fame, European publisher GBE Games announced Hero of the Obelisk recently, with Closed Beta due to begin on 10th October 2013.


While not really a full action game such as Dungeon Striker or Diablo III, Hero of the Obelisk is still classified as a “hack and slash”, offering many more modes, maps and features, such as the in-development 100 vs 100 war and even an AOS mode (Dota mode) for PvP.


PvE in the game is separated into 2 portions, with majority of the experience coming from the many dungeons while item drops will be better from open world mobs. The current English website is filled with information, so head on for a good read now!

Dungeon Hero screenshot Dungeon Hero screenshot