Dungeon Hero – Brief interview with the team

First revealed last month, Dungeon Hero is 1 of EyaSoft’s latest revival work. If you remembered, EyaSoft, the developer of games such as Luna Online, Legend of Edda and Iris Online, decided to stop development for a few months, presumably due to financial constrains. Well, the studio is back after Nexon poured some investment funds in.

In an interview a couple of days back, a couple of Dungeon Hero’s team members sat down with Korean gaming website, ThisIsGame, for a quick interview. More information was revealed, so read on!


Q: What type of game is Dungeon Hero?

A: Dungeon Hero is an online game in development for the past 2 and a half  to 3 years. The main features of the game includes a strengthened guild system and improved social system, and the route for Dungeon Hero is for it to be an easy game to pick up. The game will support a 100 Vs 100 guild battle.

Dungeons in Dungeon Hero will also scale difficulty levels according to how many players are there in a party. Ever class will have flexibility in combat, for example, a healer class may also dish out considerable amount of damage and able to solo as well.

Q: Most games simply increase the difficulty levels for endgame content, which provides players with more nervy moments. Will Dungeon Hero be any different?

A: We actually used Dynasty Warriors as an example for endgame content. What we focus on for Dungeon Hero is to let players enjoy the fast combat and relief stress, not for them to feel nervous and stressed. The endgame content will not be that hard, but there will still be extremely challenging dungeons and boss fights. Bosses will require different tactics to overcome.

Q: Dungeon Hero looks very similar to Legend of Edda.

A: We were never in touch with the team which worked on Legend of Edda, I guess it is because both games are of the same cute design.

Q: From Luna Online onwards, EyaSoft has been developing games with cute designs. Is there a reason for this?

A: We did not actually push for a cute design, but as Legend of Edda is doing very well in areas such as Taiwan, the management decided to continue the same style. Before Legend of Edda, EyaSoft did develop non-cute design games, but the lack of experience showed. Some other teams in EyaSoft are currently developing games which are more teen and adult oriented in terms of design.

Dungeon Hero screenshot

Q: Are there really 100 dungeons in Dungeon Hero?

A: There are now over 80 dungeons in the game. Although the initial ones are small, they do get gradually much bigger as players progress.

Q: Is it hard work developing so many dungeons?

A: As the game’s title suggests, Dungeon Hero is all about dungeons. Before actual development started on game content, we first produced a dungeon-making software, followed by 6 major environment settings such as mines, deserts and later adding in the details.

Q: What content is there in the dungeons?

A: First, players who are not happy with the rewards such as items after completing a dungeon can withhold from getting them. The next time the same dungeon is completed, they will get better rewards (snowball system). Players can also conquer dungeons and claim them as their own. For example, the player who completes Dungeon A within the fastest time will become its owner. Whenever other players completes the dungeon, the owner will collect some tax money.

Q: How fast is the leveling in Dungeon Hero?

A: Hitting max level will be faster compared to other games, with around 60 hours needed. We have prepared a PvP arena for the max level players, and we encourage them to build more than 1 characters to try out the arena. The battle arena is built with reference from the AOS (Aeon of Strife, like Dota). I can only reveal that there is a 3-team mode now.

Q: How many classes are there in Dungeon Hero?

A: There are 3 beginner classes, each continued with 2 more 1st advanced classes. The game will have 2nd advanced classes as well, so we are looking at around 20 classes in total.

Dungeon Hero screenshot

Q: I heard there is a Hero transformation system in the game.

A: Yes, in Heroic Mode, players can temporarily be possessed by a Hero’s spirit for combat.

Q: When will beta testing begin?

A: We are planning for September, but nothing is confirmed until we find a publisher for the game.

Q: What differences will Dungeon Hero bring to the table for games based on dungeon crawling?

A: Dungeon Hero will have the unique dungeon conquer system, large scale guild PvP, AOS PvP arena and social features. For social features, we are planning to have the game integrate with various social platforms, including smartphone apps.

Q: Which game is your nearest competitor now?

A: It must be Dungeon Striker. Our development team got a shock when its trailer was released, as the cute design and dungeon-centric style were almost similar. I feel that the action combat in the game is done pretty well. After Dungeon Striker’s announcement, our team got an adrenaline rush and worked even harder to make sure Dungeon Hero is better.

Dungeon Hero dev team