Queen’s Blade Online – Game confirmed for China market

[Register now] Queen’s Blade Online, or known as Scarlet Blade in the west, has been confirmed for the China market. The adult-oriented MMORPG, developed by Liveplex, will be published by Kunlun Games, or Kalends.

The company is on a major portfolio expansion, following the relaunch of Ragnarok Online and acquiring TERA China‘s publishing rights.


The deal between Liveplex and Kunlun Games will involve localization, technical support and marketing cooperation. It will also involve the future, as both companies will publish each of their self-developed titles (subject to further agreement of course).

Queen's Blade Online - NPCs

China does not have a video games ratings system, hence it is unclear how Scarlet Blade will be localized to pass local authorities’ strict and watchful eyes. Liveplex’s CEO did mention that the game will be presented under a different light compared with other regional servers.

Queen’s Blade Online’s visuals and suggestive theme are the game’s major features, and I am wondering it its charms stay after the watering-down process…

Queen's Blade Online - Adult images