Wargaming – Studio purchase continues with Gas Powered Games

A couple of weeks after announcing the company’s entry into console gaming with the formation of Wargaming West (via purchasing Day 1 Studios for USD 20million), Wargaming has now strengthen its PC portfolio again by taking over financially-troubled Gas Powered Games, which has laid off almost all its staff.

Gas Powered Games

According to GamesIndustry International, Wargaming’s CEO said that “Gas Powered Games’ heritage and development pedigree shows us just how valuable an addition Chris (Gas Powered owner) and his company will make to the Wargaming family” and “Gas Powered Games has a long track record of providing incredibly engaging AAA gaming experiences and we can’t wait to start working with them.”

The article also states that Gas Powered Games, developer of titles such as Supreme Commander, Demigod, Dungeon Siege, and the recently canceled Kickstarter initiative, Wildman will bolster Wargaming’s portfolio in the online gaming space. This is despite the studio not having launch any online titles before.