Project V – The war of Vampires and Werewolves

Secretly in development by Korean studio PlayWorks since 2010, Project V is an upcoming MMORPG built around the war between vampires and werewolves. Yes, you read it right, vampires and werewolves. It was also reported by Korean website, Gamemeca, that gaming giant NHN has invested over USD 2.5 million in the project thus far. This happened just 1 year after development started.

Crafted using the Havok Vision Engine, Project V reportedly garnered overseas publishers’ attention back at G*Star 2012, where it was “hidden” deep within the Business to Business (B2B) area. 3 publishers from North America and Europe are currently keep close tabs on the game’s development progress.

PlayWorks office

In Project V, the werewolf race acts as the supposed “underdog”, living underground while creating a civilization similar to that of human’s. The werewolves, in their human form, are able to wield weapons such as swords, while having some magic capabilities to slay vampires as well. Other than transforming into humanoid wolves, stronger characters will be able to transform into werebears.

Project V Werewolf race

On the other hand, vampires live in a life of wealth and abundance of resources. Rather than bats, they transform into vampiric jaguars, while stronger ones can transform into reapers. In their humanoid form, they specialize in curses and black magic.

Project V Vampire race

As warring sides, each of the races will have to try and absorb essence of life from each other using particular skills. The vampires will drain the werewolves dry of blood, while 1 werewolf skill involves pushing a stake through the vampire’s heart.  These points can then be used to craft items, upgrade equipments and more.

Project V soul essence draining Project V stabbing vampires

There is also a faction-like system, call LOC points. For example, when the LOC points of the vampire race fills up, portals will appear to allow them to launch attacks on werewolf locations. NPCs will aid the invaders as well. The invasion will end after a short period, and the werewolf race’s LOC points will then recharge faster, providing them a chance for a swift revenge.

Project V world map

Currently, characters reaching max level will be able to opt for hell mode. The hell mode characters will then be significantly stronger than those of the same level, and able to wear special equipments as well. However, death is permanent. This feature is similar to that of the Diablo franchise’s hardcore mode. Currently, the PlayWorks is looking at possibilities of letting these characters “reincarnate” eventually.

Project V combat Project V combat Project V Jaguar Project V Werewolf