ArcheAge – Developer XLGAMES moving to new office

According to reports, the developer of ArcheAge, XLGAMES, is scheduled to move to a new office in the Pangyo, Seongnam city, by the first half of 2013. Industry experts are saying that as the team grows, particularly due to ArcheAge’s stable launch and the development of Civilization Online, more office space is needed.


Pangyo, according to Wikipedia, is a planned city started in 2001 to alleviate the excessive demand for apartments in Gangnam. WeMade Entertainment and TERA’s Bluehole Studio recently moved to Pangyo as well.

Other neighbors include Nexon, NCsoft, Neowiz Games, Hangame and SmileGate, which is working on a MOBA title based on the Marvel franchise. Most of them are apparently housed at Pangyo Techno Valley.

Pangyo Techno Valley map