Lost Saga – Character List 7

We are now at Part 7 of the list! Starting way back in 2009, Lost Saga has indeed come a long way, with fans from North America, Indonesia and more enjoying viewing the various heroes’ attacks in Flash format. This list will see heroes 91 to 100, so stay tuned for more additions!


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  1. WOW!!! It’s really amazing…I want to wait this Heroes, because I have the Succubus Helmet and Succubus Armour… INCREDIBLE!!! GM please…give me this Heroes, however just 10 hours. Please GM please…?

    This is my nickname of ILS

    ( IHIWIPsycho1st )

    • WTF

      American use english as their first language

      and english is an international language

      and this forum or whatever (peace :D) is international forum

      i don’t even believe you would understand this

    • @Cleofigo : lu kalo gk bisa ngomong bahasa inggris gak usah bacot, BOCAH.
      lagian mana bisa orang Amrik ngomong bahasa Indonesia ?? HELLO ?? lo kalo bodoh jangan terlalu mencolok bisa gak sih ?? 😛

      note : orang Amrik is a slang from Orang Amerika, it means American. 🙂

  2. So LostSaga will update more mercenary until they reached 100 ?

    and maybe there’s LostSaga 2 ?

    I wonder what it looks like XD *extra super duper imagination mode on*

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