Nexon – Investment in Robotoki reaffirms multi-platform ambitions

Nexon announced yesterday that it has invested in Robotoki, a new development studio founded by Robert Bowling, former lead of Infinity Ward and Creative Strategist of the Call of Duty franchise. It may seem like an awkward move for the Free-to-Play pioneer, but Nexon has been steadily adding games to its mobile platform in recent months.

Human Element

With ambitions to go multi-platform, the investment is logical since Robotoki’s first game, Human Element, will be playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox 720, the PC, and various mobile platforms including iOS and Android. A prequel will also be made for the Ouya console.

Human Element is currently scheduled for a  Q4 2015 release. With deep pockets, Nexon might just be the first multi-platform kingpin from Asia.

Human Element game description