Closers: Dimension Conflict – Global English preview website now up

[English website] I personally love it when Asian games put up a localized English preview website to attract potential publishers and gamers. This is the way ambitious developers should go, seen most recently with ArcheAge.


Now, Korean developer Naddic Games has done the same for its upcoming anime fighter, Closers. The game was first announced last month, and is scheduled to launch only in early 2014 (might change).


With the information available at the preview website, there is no need for me to go too much into details now. The game looks pretty finished to me, and I am glad the developer has the funding to further polish the game and not rush it out.


Will Closers be a hit? I personally can’t wait to try the game out, since the controls look pretty much like DragonSaga’s (my fave game at this point of time due to new SEA server).