Yulgang 2 – A look at the several PvP modes in the Final Test phase

Yulgang 2 just ended its Final Test phase, and will be finally entering Open Beta come 10th January in Korea. The press from gaming website, Inven Korea, managed to get a couple of exclusive game footage out for a couple of Yulgang 2′s PvP mode, which can be seen below.


Aeon of Strife PvP mode: Most commonly known as the Dota-style now, it plays similar to League of Legends and Dota. 2 teams will aim to defend their bases, without letting enemy mobs and players destroy their own. Special gears, limited to only this mode, can be bought from the NPC.


PvEvP mode: This is not a typical PvP mode, as players (seen now as 2, not sure of max in at launch) fight the mobs here to secure points. Tougher monsters will drop more points, and players will be able to kill each other as well.


Standard PvP mode: This is the most common, as seen in most online games. If you noticed from all the other videos, the combat is a hybrid between action and point and click, and players can move while attacking! This is something which the almighty TERA could not achieve despite boasting “True Action Combat”.