FIFA Online 3 – Nexon apologizes for unstable game service

I am not sure why, it seems technical and security problems never fails to plague Nexon Korea’s servers. Scheduled to enter Open Beta last week, on the 18th, the servers for FIFA Online 3 became very unstable due to the large amount of players, which eventually resulted in a 12 hours maintenance.

Nexon Korea released a video, detailing the events and at the end, apologized to the gamers and promised to do better, with a couple of bonus EXP events slated till the 30th.


Here is a short walk through of the video, which expressed different emotions on the soccer fans’ faces:

4th December 2012 – Open Beta announced for 18th December 2012

13th December 2012 – Spokesperson, Hyuna, revealed

18th December 2012 – FIFA Online 3 enters Open Beta at 12:00

21st December 2012 – FIFA Online 3 closed for 12 hours of maintenance due to unstable server

21st December 2012 – FIFA Online 3 goes online again at 15:00

As of 23rd December 2012, FIFA Online 3 has seen the number of gamers online at the same time (CCU) hit a peak of 140,000, which is an outstanding number in the Korean gaming industry. THe game also debuted at number 4 in the PC Bang (internet cafe) chart. FIFA Online 2, hosted by rival Neowiz, will be closing come March 2013.