FIFA Online 2 – Korean server shutting down in March

While Neowiz had a wonderful G*Star 2012, with Bless garnering a legion of fans, things are not so rosy business-wise. After getting into a messy court fight with developer Smilegate over the closure of online shooter CrossFire, the company was stabbed another blow after EA Seoul signed FIFA Online 3 to Nexon. The inevitable can’t be avoided, as it was announced last week that FIFA Online 2 will be closing on 31st March 2013 after the contract with EA ends.

It is unknown if EA will still support the game and signed to a new publisher, but that is looking very unlikely. FIFA Online 2 has always been in the top 5 rankings in terms of internet cafe popularity, and the game also contributed to 14% of Neowiz Games’ revenue in 3Q 2012 according to reports in the Korean media.