Tencent Games Carnival 2012 – Highlights of Day 2

With all the major announcements revealed yesterday for the “big” titles, Day 2 was always slated to be a more “quiet” affair. There are possibly over 20 different games at the show (including web and mobile), but as usual I focused more on the core online titles.

Tencent Games Carnival 2012 will be ending later today, and below are the highlights for Day 2.

Tencent Games Carnival 2012

1. King of Combat – Windows 8 support

King of Combat (directly translated) has been in Closed Beta for quite a while now, with it being Tencent Games’ first ever online fighting title, which is self-developed as well.

Streaks of King of Fighters and Street Fighters can be seen throughout, but it feels kind of unique to me being an online game. With an official partnership with Microsoft, King of Combat was announced earlier to be fully compatible with Windows 8, including its own tile image.

King of Combat

I am not really sure if the game can really be played on a tablet without the keyboard or game pad (shown above is the Microsoft Surface), but I can’t really imagine playing with touch controls. Something which caught my eyes was the 3 Vs 3 mode, where all 6 characters are really individual players.

King of Combat

There is really no time to go AFK or for a toilet break (unlike League of Legends), as combat immediately begins after being tagged in.


2. Lineage II – Public test phase to begin 19th December, official launch set for 28th December

After getting the rights from its closet rival, Shanda Games, little was heard of for Lineage II China’s progress. Lineage 1, also gotten from Shanda Games after the contract lapsed, went ahead with service a couple of months back.

It was announced that Lineage II China will finally be rebooted on 12th December, with a public test phase being held. Lineage II China will officially launch on 28th December with the latest version, including castle siege and world bosses.

Lineage II China poster

3. Photos of Tencent Games Carnival 2012

To close off the reports from TGC 2012, attached below is a gallery of photos taken at the packed event. The only developer/ publisher I can think of holding such an event for all its games is Blizzard (BlizzCon), but even that did not happen this year due to a lack of products and manpower.

If only Tencent makes up its mind to aggressively launch in the West, instead of just buying up developers (Riot Games) or setting up a little-known Boston studio developing social/ web games…

Tencent Games Carnival 2012 photo Tencent Games Carnival 2012 photo Tencent Games Carnival 2012 photo