Echo of Soul – Refreshing the old as new

You may be wondering what does it mean by “refreshing the old as new”, hence let me explain. Echo of Soul is NHN Korea’s new title, developed by studio Nvius, and for now has nothing really groundbreaking in terms of graphics, game systems or anything else.


There is the usual instanced dungeons (solo and party), 20-man raids, life professions, 2,000 quests in the vast game world (near 100 maps) and future smartphone app support for features like the auction house, but nothing else really catches attention.

Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul’s graphics is developed in the way it will look the same overall on all systems, old and new, with even systems dating back up to 7 years ago. The main feature of the game, which is in the title, is the “unique” Soul System.

Slayed monsters drop Chaos Souls, and players can purify them into either of 4 different types, which can be stored and used to boost different stats when in battle.

Echo of Soul

There are currently 4 classes revealed, Warrior, Guardian, Rogue and Sorceress. The Guardian is more of a melee tank, with the game intentionally leaving out a pure healing class. Of course, the devs made sure each class will have its own healing mechanics to ensure survivability.


Together with the lightning fast official reveal, Echo of Soul will also be entering Closed Beta 1 at the end of this month, lasting 2 weeks and 12 hours each day.