Devilian – Hack & slash MMO inspired by Diablo II

In development for over 3 years now, Devilian is developed by Korean studio Ginno Games, and the hack & slash title will be published by NHN through its Hangame portal. During the press conference, representatives from Ginno did not hesitate to talk about how inspiration was drawn from both World of Warcraft and Diablo II, with Devilian combining the best elements of these games.

Devilian media conference

A title aimed at the 18 and above crowd (the PG rating as well), Ginno Games is not worried about competition from Dungeon Strikers, another hack & slash title since both are targeting different crowds. As you might have guessed, Devilian is focused on combat full of fancy animations, together with a heavy dose of storytelling and lore. For gameplay, there will be open fields, instanced dungeons fill with traps and bosses.


Though not fully introduced, there will be public world events as well, similar to Guild Wars 2′s public event. The developers explained that the concept was conceived while Devilian was in development, and wasn’t inspired by any games. There are currently 3 classes, Warrior, Wizard and Assassin, with Closed Beta beginning from 6th till 12th December.