Archlord II – Closed Beta 1 date announced

Gone from the media’s horizon since G*Star 2011, Webzen suddenly announced Archlord II going into Closed Beta 1 in Korea next month, 25th till 29th October. Developed using the Gamebryo Engine, which powered The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Archlord II is once again focused on hardcore PvP combat, sieges and more.

Closed Beta 1 will feature the 2 warring factions, 8 different dungeons, 2 different battlefields, over 500 kinds of weapons and armor, 3 structured PvP systems (5Vs5, 10Vs10, 20Vs20), castle siege and more. There are certain weapons which each race (Orcs and Human) can wield, but each character may hold any at any given time to build a hybrid character, hence there is no actual “fixed” class system this time round. Screenshots and videos can be found in my previous posts.