Wargaming.net – Gamescom party rocked by LMFAO

I am never a party or clubbing person, and this is only the 2nd time I have stepped into 1. Initially hesitant to attend Wargaming.net’s Gamescom 2012 Party, the performance by LMFAO justified my presence. Yes, the music sometimes make no sense and there is little gaming stuff, everything is loud and folks are just waving hysterically, but the electric mood just got to me eventually.

This party marked the end of my Gamescom 2012 journey, and it is really an experience to remember. Once again, this trip was made possible by Wargaming.net, and I can’ wait to play World of Warplanes (I don’t really like World of Tanks) once I get my post-Gamescom stuff settled.