Gamescom 2012 – A look at the “secretive” Business area

In most game conventions, such as ChinaJoy, G*Star and Gamescom, there is bound to be a “Business area” which is out of bounds to the public. This is a place where secret talks are held, games are being announced in secret, partnerships are discussed and so on. And the smell of food and buffet can always be smelled from the bigger one… I have never been to this area until the recent Gamescom 2012, and man this place is intimidating.

Almost all the business booths are wall-ed up, meaning nothing can be seen from the outside, even if you have a Trade pass. Apparently, you will need to book an appointment as well with the companies. There are also many companies which do not have a public booth, but came to Gamescom specially to set up in the Business area for trade talks. Heck, even ESTsoft was there hiding with a small Cabal II booth. I spoke to a couple of staff from different companies, but I guess I shouldn’t post any info which is under NDA XD