Wargaming.net booth – The most flashy and sexy booth

With many booths at Gamescom with huge and towering posters, there is nothing really to be impressed about since everyone is so similar. Enter Wargaming.net’s Gamescom 2012 booth. Instead of the static posters, Wargaming,net had a top-to-bottom giant screen instead showing off trailers for World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. Most flashy booth at Gamescom 2012? Checked.

Compared to other game shows I have seen, Gamescom 2012 feels a little “tame” in terms of how the booth babes were dressed. There was always much controversy from past game shows, and I feel Gamescom 2012 will be given an “A” for good behavior. But once again, count on Wargaming.net to “break” the code. How about a sexy dance by the babes while flashing hints of some white undergarment? Sexiest booth at Gamescom 2012? Checked. And also make it the most attention-grabbing one as well, since none of the other booths I visited had any performance of sort.

Similar to other games with team competitive elements, Wargaming.net’s booth have several stations for its 2 games, World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, for the audience to try out in friendly PvP matches. Personally, I am not a World of Tanks advocate, but I am really, really excited about World of Warplanes. More info in the upcoming interview piece!