Daybreak – The special surprise found at Gamescom

If you haven’t read about this new Chinese MMORPG call Daybreak yet, do visit my initial post on it. With a booth hidden in the Business area, I managed to speak to Mr Edward Wang, Business Manager for developer Linekong, on more about Daybreak.


Other than the initial news found in my original post, Mr Wang stated that Daybreak currently has 15 different PvP modes ready. Yes, 15 freaking ways to kill each other! Included will be a Tower Defense PvP mode, a soccer-style PvP mode and also 6 other battle arena PvP modes (including Dota-style mode, 15 Vs 15 mode, Guild 40 Vs 40 mode).


According to Mr Wang, Daybreak is to be marketed more as a web browser MMO, even though there is a client as well. For the web browser mode, just a minimum plugin will be needed for download and install.

Asked about the accidental closure of web browsers, he said that the technical parts are still being looked into. The glamorous skill effects of the game were consistently highlighted as 1 of the main features as well, which is definitely true.

Daybreak screenshot

The inevitable question came when I asked him about Daybreak being compared to Dragon Nest. He stated that Daybreak is not Dragon Nest, and Dragon Nest will never be able to have a web browser version as well (linked to main client server).

With 15 PvP modes, Daybreak will also be much better in this area compared to Dragon Nest. In the future, more social functions will be introduced, such as horoscope matchmaking.

Daybreak screenshot