YNK Korea – Founders leave ailing company

According to foreign reports, the 2 co-founders of YNK Korea have left their positions as of last week, with Vice President Kim the latest “casualty”. CEO Yi left earlier in March this year. If you noticed, YNK is formed by both the initial letters of their surnames. What happened? In a public listed company, the judging criteria is no doubt just circling around a few words, such as revenue and profits.

In 2009, YNK Korea’s revenue was 18.3 billion Korean Won, which dropped to 12.9 billion in 2010 and last year, it hit a low of 10.4 billion. In around 3 years, revenue is falling towards a 50% decrease! The company has also yet to announce any major titles recently, relying on its trump card, Rohan Online, all this while.

However, in the highly lucrative China market, YNK only has Rohan as its only title, with the game long gone from the mainstream and talk-about list. Over in North America, its portal PlayRohan (link) is not making any positive waves as well. The foundation of YNK is sure unstable right now.