Nexon in trouble with Taiwan authorities

It seems like Nexon has too much cash to splash around, from being fined heavily after its account security lapses in Korea (link) to investing in closet rival NCsoft (link). Now, Nexon is once again being fined USD 900,000 in Taiwan. Basically, this happened due to Nexon’s unauthorized attempt to buyout MMO developer/ publisher Gamania (or Beanfun in America).

According to Taiwanese law, acquiring 1/3 shares or above will be deem as a takeover/ merger. Prior to the case, Nexon’s shares in Gamania stood at 34.6%, which is above the amount legally stated. Within the next 3 months, Nexon must submit the relevant documents to the authorities for clarification, or they stand to be fined a further USD 50 million.

Gamania is one of Taiwan’s biggest MMO companies, also acting as the default publisher for Nexon games in the country. With titles such as MapleStory, Kart Riders and Mabignogi Heroes, the latest action game from Nexon, Cyphers. just started Closed Beta testing under Gamania as well. The Taiwanese firm is also shoring up its own R&D efforts, with Core Blaze (link) set to make a huge splash in international markets next year.