Evolution Zero – No level cap, endless evolution

[Source] When almost all the current games, be it online, console or mobile, are aimed at gamers who are around the 20 to 30 years age bracket, this new MMORPG from Korea is instead targeting the 30 to 40 years old crowd. This is Evolution Zero, 1 of the 2 maiden titles IK Games is working on. At first look, it reminded me of the canned Berkanix (link) with its similar futuristic sci-fi settings.

In recent times, MMOs are looking to abolish the level system (Age of Wulin) or at least try to ensure players from both level ends can play together through auto-scaling (Guild Wars 2). Evolution Zero is doing otherwise, with the game having no level cap at all. As long as players are willing to gain EXP, they can level up all they want and improve their stats.

While Evolution Zero still focuses on the holy trinity combination (Tanker, Heal, DPS), each of the character classes have certain skills which enable them to take on different roles during emergency cases. Think of them as a semi-hybrid group. The in-game party search function will also provide an automated function to group players of different classes together. There is also a mercenary system (hiring AI companion) in the works.

More towards the game’s background, it is vaguely about humanity vs mutants, and add 4 warring nations to the mix. In each nation, guilds are having wars to control territories as well. Sounds niche, but it is vital to know Evolution Zero has a balanced mixed for both PvE and PvP. Nothing was mentioned about the mobile version of the game so far, as seen in the chart below.

Evolution Zero is currently being worked on by IK Games’ Clover Studio, with around 70 personnel. The game is scheduled for its first test phase come end September 2012.